9 Reasons to use Google Analytics

Managing an online business includes much more than having a pretty website. Knowledge of marketing and social media as well as having knowledge of how well your website is accomplishing its purpose is vital. You should know the details of what people do when they visit your website, which pages they visit and how long they stay. Google Analytics assists you in doing this. Here are a few reasons to make sure its something you get to grips with as soon as you can.

Free & easy to use

Google Analytics is free and relatively easy to use. There is no one-off or monthly fee for this product.


Informs you of the number of visitors to your website

It allows you to see how many visitors visit your website on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. and therefore its important in seeing whether you are growing in popularity online. If you don’t know this basic information then what is the point in having a website?


Records of the number of visitors to each of your web pages

It also provides information on the pages your visitors visit and the number of your new and repeat visitors. On top of this, it records the average time they stay on your website and the pages they exit from. This helps you plan the type of information needed on specific pages.


Records where your visitors are from

It’s an amazing application that informs you of who is visiting your website and where your customers come from. For example, if you were receiving a heavy volume of spam from China when your services are geared to people living in the UK you can exclude emails coming from China or anywhere else that is relevant.


Shows who is visiting your website in real-time

If you have a very busy website the Google Analytics real-time feature allows you to see the number of active users on your website in real time any time of the day or night. This includes the pages they’re looking at, and what they are doing – how useful is that?


Assists with campaign monitoring

It allows you to monitor how your campaigns are working which enables you to cut out the ones that do not work and concentrate on the ones that bring traffic to your website.


Provides powerful customizable reports

You can print standard reports and easily customize your own ones so that they contain the specific information you need.


Monitors traffic from desktops, tablets, and mobile phones

Another benefit of using Google Analytics is that it allows you to monitor your desktop, tablet and mobile traffic to enable you to see which devices your visitors are using when online.  This helps you decide whether to factor in whether you need to revamp or redesign your website to be able to benefit from your visitor’s online behavior.


In-page breakdown

One of the latest features is a choice entitled “In-Page” analytics. This provides information on the buttons and links on each page and how many times each one is clicked. This amazing feature helps you discover how the layout of your website affects decisions and the behavior of your visitors

If you would like a training session on Google Analytics please make contact with me directly.  I’m happy to help.

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