How To Enjoy Christmas, Stress Free


They say that Christmas is a time for giving and family get-togethers, but it can have its pressures too.

The list can seem never-ending, the decorations to hang, the tree to decorate, presents to buy and wrap, friends and family to visit or invite over and food to buy and cook. As good as it can be Christmas time does put a strain on families.

You can ensure that this Christmas is a day to remember for the right reasons.

 Here are some simple tips:

  • Plan the day well in advance and delegate jobs that need to be done. Instead of slaving away for hours on your own feeling like people have taken advantage of you, you may suggest that all visitors bring a dish to share.  This is an intimate way of sharing and is great for sharing recipe ideas with each other.
  • Discuss plans with family and friends including children who will be sharing Christmas with you, so that you can share ideas and wishes for the day. This should increase the likely hood of coming up with a celebration which includes things for everyone.
  • Contact family that you may have fallen out with during the year and tell them you are looking forward to seeing them during the festive period.  You may also arrange to meet before Christmas to try and resolve outstanding issues.  This is a great way to end a year and begin a new one.
  • Children can get overexcited on such an occasion so plan a lovely long walk for some fresh air and change of scene.
  • Know your limits and don’t drink too much. Drinking excessively is never a good idea. Alcohol can make you feel overconfident which may make you more likely to take risks when driving, creating dangerous situations for yourself and other people around you. Losing your license, receiving a fine of up to £5,000 fine,  sentencing of up to six months in prison is what you can expect if found guilty of drink driving.
  • Have a good fun filled timetable for Christmas Day so that people do not get bored. Karaoke, table topics, card games and quiz games get people interacting with each other. Try to make sure you won’t be spending too much time with difficult people or someone you don’t get on with.



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