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In order to give you the correct quotation please complete this on-line web design brief and you will be contacted shortly.

What is your business background and history?
What does your company/business or organisation specialize in, sell or offer? Who are your customers or prospects? How big is the company/organisation and how many employees does it have? What are its values? What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?
What is your budget? Being open and frank about your available budget enables me to create a realistic proposal for your project and manage your expectations from the outset.
If relevant, who are your competitors and how do you differ from them?
Do you have a website at the moment? If so, please provide the URL and list the things that you want to change and the reasons why you want your website re-designed?
What is the purpose of your new website (i.e. to educate, purchase or inform). Who are your target audience? What is their sex, age, amount of disposable income etc
Please list the features/functionality needed. For example do you require e-commerce, blog, a content management system, online classroom or chat forum etc? If you require e-commerce how many products do you plan to sell? It is important to list all functionality that you require so that we can quote correctly. Additional functionality requested at a later date will increase your cost.
Supplied content and additional services. How will you supply your content? Do you have any? Do you have a good clear logo? Clients are expected to supply their own logo, text and images. Text should be spell checked and available to be copied and pasted. If it isn't I can provide content writing.
Design Preference. Please list 2 websites that you like the design of and list why you like them?
Do you require social media integration? (Twitter, Facebook, Utube etc). Do you want new accounts created and linked to your new website, or do you want your new website linked to your existing accounts?
Do you require domain name registration, web hosting and emails? If you do not require hosting when the website is complete I will give you your website files for you to hand to your host to upload to your server. Your hosts will be responsible for adding your website to your server and organising your emails.
What is your deadline for your website to be completed?
All work is carried out by Winners Web & Graphic Design on the understanding that the client has read and agreed to our terms and conditions.
I have read and agree to be bound by the Winners Web & Graphic Design Terms & Conditions. Please tick the button below before sending this form?


What Others Say?

"I am per­son­ally grate­ful on behalf of our organ­i­sa­tion for the work done and it is my hope to rec­om­mend ‘The Win­ners’ service’s to others."

Jide Macaulay House of Rain­bow Fellowship

"Winners have been critical in supporting us build a strong advertising marketing portfolio giving us the edge to grow beyond our current space.
They have a great vision, they very quickly understood our missions and niche brand.
They were very hands on in developing a unique promotional marketing communication to our customers.
Overall I really enjoyed working with winners they helped us create great value for our customers."

Bode Balogun Tech-Maids Limited

"Coordination from concept, through design to implementation and follow-up has been excellent. Its been great working with Winners and I love our new website.

Jack Myers Victoria Island

"The creative and personal service that Winners have provided us has been second to none. Their sense of flair and business like approach has given us designs and a website to be proud of. I highly recommend their services."

Linda Robinson Spic & Span Cleaning Limited

"So impressed with your work. You're worth your weight in gold."

Deborah Murphy The Cupcake Factory

"We are delighted with the results and really can’t praise you enough. We thank you for creating a fantastic website that’s been drawing in praise and enquiries on almost a daily basis. Good job!"

Charly Styles Yogi's Food Station

"The new website is beautiful. Out of nothing it seemed to grow quite quickly. Your much-needed support was always available and is very much appreciated.”

Darko Mensah DND Computers - Stamford Hill