If you do nothing to your new website once it has been built it will most certainly generate little or no traffic. The only way to actively gain visibility by Google or other search engines is to pay for your advertising or SEO your site by consistently promoting it in a way that your website will be rewarded with good rankings.

I offer SEO packages which include an on-going process of adding fresh and correctly written content, revision of site structure, the addition of title, description keyword and image alt meta tags to achieve the best possible website rankings. Correct content is geared towards content that your visitors enjoy and come back to for more as a result. I work in partnership with SEO professionals to ensure all of my client's websites are performing at their very best.

Business is as competitive as its ever been and therefore it goes without saying that standing apart from your competitors and being the most memorable will put you in good stead.  For more information on SEO and its benefits, an interesting article can be found here.